Understanding Google AMP

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is a web component framework that is easy to create user-first stories, ads, websites, emails and many more with the help of Google. Now that you got an idea of what Google AMP is, continue reading to learn about its benefits. Google AMP is one of the latest website publishing technologies that allow users to build and develop web pages that are fast and easy to load on mobile phones. Since its inception in early 2016, to date over 25 million domains had successfully published more than 1.5 billion AMP pages on the internet. Those willing to get started with AMP pages need to create another version of their site as it is mandatory to follow the AMP project’s standards. Since then Google which created this powerful tool officially integrated AMP listings to ease mobile search results.

Key Features of Google AMP

  • Get ready to create interactive websites using AMP that is developed by Google to provide a rich set of built-in actions to easily get applied across various web touch points to get instantly visible online on any size screen.
  • Since its inception, this powerful tool is much in use by popular and global platforms like Google, Bing, and Twitter that are the fastest means of communication used online. AMP ensures all its users from different surfaces get unparalleled access and native-feeling experience when available through defaulting AMP pages.
  • Access this Google-backed project to build great experiences across the web as AMP is designed as an open standard tool that any publisher can access from anywhere to upload the latest content quickly visible on mobile devices. In that way, many publishers, e-commerce companies, advertisers, storytellers, or email sender had altogether published their content online.

Benefits to Business

  • Access this open-source mobile framework highly effective to increase the speed of web pages for better experience and core business metrics.
  • When the user is looking to convert his entire archive into AMP pages this Google tool eases their task and reduces developer overhead. For example, WordPress and Drupal are created in combination with CSS.
  • Since its inception, it is a hot favorite of global platforms such as Google, Bing, and Twitter to stay in touch with unparalleled surfaces that convert the web content into AMP pages and allows the user experience native-feeling when available.

Benefits to Developers

  • This web component framework is easy to customize with CSS and strives to maintain flexibility to control and reduce complexity when coding. In that way, it customizes your dynamic data to pull freshest data and style the web page in your own way.
  • Though it takes one lot of time to build a dynamic website the AMP components act as building blocks that when optimized ensures the best performance.
  • Take the initiative to build all-new types of intensive websites that deliver better to protect your future in the open web and help everyone gain faster and user-friendly experience.


AMP is an open-source Google based HTML framework that provides a straightforward insight to create web pages that is accessible at a faster pace. It is primarily focused to ease the task of the user be it publisher or developer gain smooth loading and hassle-free experience. Thus when web pages are ready to upload Google AMP helps them instantly get loaded and fetches freshest data for the user to let him gain the fastest experience across all devices and platforms.