Understanding UX Design Better

UX design is nothing but the designs used by process design teams for creating products. These products are created for offering relevant and meaningful experiences for all kinds of users. This process design involves the entire process of integrating as well as acquiring the product. This even includes aspects like design, branding, function, and usability of the product.

UX Designers

User experience design is also interchangeably used with the term user interface design. It can even be understood as usability. But, in reality, usability and user interface design are crucial aspects of UX design. You can also understand them as subsets of UX design. There are plenty of areas covered by UX design. Here the UX designer is mainly concerned about actual process of acquisition and integration of a product. Apart from that he also plays an important role in the design, usability, branding, and function of that product. This is the entire story that is carried out before even the device is given to the user’s hands.

A product is much more than what a user sees at the end. It is not just an island but it is an integrated, cohesive set of experiences. To visualize this, you should think about all the stages in product or service development. This includes initial intentions and final reflections as well. For example, when you look at a hookup site, such as the one found here, UX designers would have had to consider the functions and experience of searching, matching, and messaging potential casual dating partners.

User Experience

When a product is designed along with great user experience there are many other things kept in mind. A great user experience product is not designed only with user its consumption in mind but the actual process of acquiring, troubleshooting, and owning it. Hence UX designers should focus on creating products concentrating on the usability of the product.

They even concentrate on all other aspects of user experience like efficiency, pleasure, and fun. Hence, it is challenging to define a good user experience. But, a good user experience can be understood as one that meets all the crucial and particulars of user needs in the provided context.

Why What, and How

It is very important to consider what, why, and how of a product. Here when they think about why UX designers should consider user motivations in adopting a product. Users should always consider and relate to the task they perform and meantime value the users associated with the product. When it comes to what they should think about the functionalities of the product user is expecting. Finally, when they consider how, it is about designing the functionalities in an easily accessible and pleasant manner.

Initially, a UX designer should start with why and then move to what of a product. Finally, they should turn towards how when creating the product and develop I to provide meaningful user experiences.


UX design includes the entire user journey and it is a multidisciplinary field. A UX designer may come from a unique background and it can be programming, visual design, interaction design, or even psychology. When a product is designed for human users, it is very important to consider the heightened scope for accommodation and accessibility. Along with this, a UX designer should also take user limitations into account.

Web Design Trends We Like

Gone are the days when websites were designed in a simple way, just to share the information. At present, web developers follow different web design trends for making the website a perfect website. These days the users tend to visit those websites more which are user-friendly and attractive. Such websites are more engaging in comparison with the other websites which are following the old usual web design trends. There are many web designs trends, but not all of them are good for your website. You need to pick the right web design trends for your website so that you do not face any problem later on. With the help of the right web design trend, one can get to know about what users prefer to see or like and what they do not like. You cannot just use any web design trend for your website. There are some web design trends that are multipurpose, about which we are sharing below.

Use of vibrant colors

What would you like to see or what will grab your attention more? Vibrant colors or dull colors? There are many colors out there, but not every color is said to be good enough for every website. But if you are making use of vibrant colors on your website, they will get the attention of the users. One can make use of bright background colors for a long-lasting impact on the users. Even if you want to keep your website color simple you do have many vibrant colors to give it that look. You can check on most of the websites, that vibrant colors are used in the background. They do not just make your website look attractive, but also fill the right light required for your website designs and fonts.

Use Split Screen technique

This might be a simple technique for many but it is unique if you know how to use it. You can divide the website page into 2 parts. Or you can simply divide the main part into two parts so that you can explain both of them perfectly. If you are planning to share different messages at the same time on your website, using a split-screen technique is perfect. It can be used in different scenarios like you want to share a picture and want to give a message related to it. You can use the split-screen to share both pictures and messages. It is easy to get this wrong so make sure to consider best ux practices and research strong examples.

Experimenting with typography

When designing the websites, typography plays an important role. Often designers use different fonts for making the website look attractive. However, one needs to code it carefully, so that the desired result can be obtained. Experimentation with typography can be done in different ways, but you need to choose it properly. Like, you can add pictures along with the typography if required, or can type inside a circle or type along the arc, or can cut some of the letters or can fade them out. You can even do a little bit of animation of words, to make it look attractive. This web design trend is always up and web designers love using them.

Applying Duotones and Gradients

If you have been designing for a long time, you must be aware of the duotones and gradients. Web developers love experimenting with the duotones and gradients, as it helps in highlighting the designs and texts in a better way. Using gradients can help in adding depth to the graphics and designs. Experimenting with gradients can go up to any extent by using the colorful gradients or by making use of bold colors in the gradients. By using the Duotone, you can make your website look bold.

3D Illustration

Bringing the realistic graphics in the world by using the 3D Illustration on the websites is what comes among the latest web design trends. Why just to experience the flat graphics when you can experience the 3D graphics. 3D graphics and illustrations add depth and make things on the website look realistic and physical. This style became a popular style these days and is very much in use. This web design trend can be used for different types of websites for showcasing the products to the users in the digital world only. This trend is even common with modern apps such as dating apps like Tinder.


Every year, we see a different kind of navigation pattern on the website. It is because the web developers keep experimenting with the navigations so that it looks appealing and functional. One can keep the navigation large too make it look different. Or can make it the focal point of the website. User-friendly navigation ideas are what the web developers trying to adopt these days. You may also see animated navigations or large navigations, that are making the navigations look sophisticated and interesting.

All these web design trends which we shared above are very much in use these days. If you also want to make your website look better and appealing, pick some web design trends from the above list.

How to Optimize Sites for Mobile

When it comes to using the internet, it is no more limited to laptops or computer systems. These days most people are accessing the internet on their smartphones only. As on smartphones one can easily browse any website or can easily search any content. No matter where you are, you can access the internet easily and this is all because of the technology only. But as more and more users will open the websites on their smartphones, so these websites need to be optimized so that one can use them easily without any problem on mobile phones also.

There are different ways that you can use to make your websites optimize for using them on mobile phones. But before you do so, you also need to check if your website is optimized for mobile phones or not. Because most of the web developers these days are creating a mobile-friendly website only which are not required to be optimized.

What to check to know of your website is optimized for mobile phones or not

Below, we are sharing a few things which a mobile-optimized website should have. If these things are missing in your website, this means you will need to make your website mobile-friendly.

  • Easy Mobile Navigation – Navigating on the websites when using them on the laptop or mobile phones is still easy. But they will give the same navigation experience on mobile phones is not guaranteed. They may or may not work fine on mobile phones. So, open your website on your mobile phone and check if it has easy navigation or not. If you are facing trouble in navigating, it means your website needs mobile optimization. As with many shifts in web development a good space to explore is with adult content sites. Adult sites are often the most early adopters as they are constantly jockeying for traffic and attention and there is a high volume of demand. Adult forum sites like TNA Board are very text heavy. When accessed from a mobile device the hookup site reorganizes threads and topics to make content easier to navigate.
  • Website Loading Time – Ask yourself, how much time you expect for a website to load. In general, a website should take less than 10 or 5 seconds to load. If it is taking time more than that, then you are going to lose most of the traffic that is visiting your website. As most of the users prefer the website to load within a few seconds only, else they switch to the other websites. If your website takes more time in loading on a mobile phone, you need to optimize it.
  • Easy Search – Check if it is easy to search on your website or not. The users who are visiting your website should be able to easily search what they are looking for. Most of the users when are not able to find what they are looking for in a few minutes are most likely to leave your website.

Similarly, there are a few other things also like how your website looks, its graphics, accessibility, etc. At present, it is very important to have a mobile-optimized website, if you want to gain profit and want more traffic visiting your website. Now, let’s learn how you can optimize sites for mobile.

Tips to optimize sites for mobile

You can easily optimize your sites for mobile, using the tips we have mentioned below.

  • Streamline the layout of your website – The traditional web pages and the web pages that you open on your mobile phones have slight differences. When you will open the mobile web pages they will load slowly. That is why it is always suggested not to have too many web pages. Instead, one should try to streamline the layout of the website by minimizing the number of items. Do not clutter your website by too many web pages, as it may confuse users. Try to keep only that information which is useful for the user and which is required. Adding unnecessary information will not serve the purpose.
  • Try not to use Java and Flash – The reason behind not using Java and Flash is obvious. Most of the smartphones these days do not support websites with Java or applications with Java. Also, the loading time for Java websites is more which will lead to a decrease in the users because of more time required for opening the website. Similarly, if you are using Flash on your website, you are stopping iPhone users to check your website. There are many users who are making use of iPhones, and they may become your customers if you will not use Flash. Apple phones do not support Flash, so it is not beneficial to use them.
  • Make use of a responsive Theme – When it comes to choosing a theme for your website, ensure that it is a responsive theme. You need to check a few things like you need to see if the theme is customizable or not. So that if you want to make any changes, later on, you can easily do so. Check if the style and the look of the website are appealing or not. Also, check if it is secure to use or not and it comes with necessary settings or not. If the theme which you are using is fully responsive, it is really good for your website.
  • Optimize the site loading speed – It is critically important for any website to have an optimized speed. It should be able to load quickly to provide users with a great experience. It is not just important for the users but it is also important for your website to rank on the search engines. As you know that now speed is also a factor that will help in the ranking of your website. If the speed of your website is good and it loads quickly, it also reflects the performance of your website.
  • Make use of AMPAMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages which is a new thing that was introduced for mobile websites recently. AMP helps in creating web pages that are mobile-friendly. It is good for the overall mobile website as it will help in removing those media files which are not required. It will help in optimizing the website so that it can be accessed easily on mobile phones also. You should also know that WordPress now has an AMP Plugin which can be used for the same purpose.